Wooden sleepers

PEFC & FSC certified

We are highly committed to preserving our natural resources and all of our wood supply chain is PEFC and FSC certified.

ISO 9001 & 14001

Our production sites are ISO 9001 & 14001 certified. Our secondary processing facilities are also ISO 9001 certified, which guarantees only the highest quality products and services.

ISO 45001 certification

Since the safety and well-being of our employees is one of our top priorities, we have also implemented ISO 45001 certification at a number of our sites.

Produits bois pour le ferroviaire

Wood products
for railways

Our extensive stock, available in a wide range of cross-sections and lengths, guarantees an optimal response time, with the following products always in stock:


Oak - Exotic wood

Section Length SNCF CT IGEV 506 Index A NF EN 13 145 standard Old SNCF standard Old UIC-863-O standard
12/20 2.40m / 2.60m G14 S3 or K1 N/A
13/22 2.60m G8 S2 G7
14/24 2.60m G6 S1 G5
15/26 2.60m G2 HS G2
14/24 2.30m R6-1 R5-1
14/24 2.35m R6-2 R5-2
14/24 2.40m R6-3 R5-3

We can machine and equip your wooden sleepers to meet even the most demanding requirements and we are constantly investing in our production facilities to ensure they are well made, efficient and safe.

We cater to all your needs: engineering structures, PN timbers, pedestrian crossing timbers, expansion device timbers, junctions, etc.

Our highly skilled design team, which can also provide dimensional surveys, together with our comprehensive database, can provide you with the right solutions and the right products.

Parc machines


Our production sites are equipped with the following machinery:

Two notching and drilling lines

for standard products, with the option of adding Gang-Nail connectors, or installing frets (a mechanical system that limits wood cracking, approved by the major railway networks). Capacity: 1,200 sleepers per day per line.

Product catalog